Here are some quick & simple tips from our maintenance department:

Occasionally cleaning household appliances like stoves and refrigerators may seem obvious, but what about equipment that does the cleaning, like the dishwasher and washing machine? Give these often-overlooked appliances a deep clean with the following tips below:

Unclog the Dishwasher

The cleaner the dishwasher, the cleaner your dishes will turn out after going through a wash cycle. Take a moment to clean the dishwasher’s filter, usually located on the inside bottom of the machine. This detachable filter becomes clogged with food and debris over time, so empty it out regularly to keep it working efficiently.

De-gunk Your Garbage Disposal

Use a natural abrasive combo of ice and salt to loosen grime from the blades. Though it will be loud, run the disposal until the ice is gone. When finished, you can grind up a lemon or lime wedge to deodorize the drain.

Low Water Pressure

There are filter (aerator) on the end of faucets that become impacted over time with corrosion and debris. You will need to unscrew the (aerator) and then clean the screen. Then replace screen and screw back on the (aerator). If this does not solve the problem, then a plumber may be needed.

Give Your Washing Machine a Wash

Avoid musty bedding and towels by sanitizing the machine and removing mildew buildup every few months. To do this, run a hot wash cycle without a load and add one cup of bleach to the soap dispenser or directly into the machine.


Try these simple tips to ensure your appliances will be working well throughout your stay in the property!