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When you make the decision to use a Tampa Property Management Company to take care of and rent out your rental property, your next Crucial Decision is which company to use.

But be very careful – as you’ll see below, your decision can mean the difference between a secure, worry-free income stream, and ongoing headaches and even a steady loss of revenue.

Read on to learn some of the more unscrupulous tricks of the trade. We’re confident that by the time you finish reading you’ll have a much better understanding of the Property Management world.

And we’re 100% sure you’ll know which company is the Right Company for You.

Bahia Property Management

raul aleman - tampa property manager

I’m Raul Aleman and I’m the owner of Bahia Property Management.

Like a lot of people in Florida, I’ve had first hand experience with unscrupulous Tampa property managers and I’ve learned up close and personal the kinds of problems landlords face in choosing the wrong company.

I put years of experience in the real estate industry together with a graduate degree from MIT and set out to create a Gold Standard Property Management company in Tampa.

I think we’ve succeeded with Bahia Property Management, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

Take a look at the property management testimonials from real, satisfied clients below to see how you’ll feel too.

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Your peace of mind.

Your Investment.

Your Property


If you’re like most of our clients, your Tampa rental property is a significant personal investment and one you take great pride in.

Maybe you bought it as an investment; maybe you bought it as a second home; or maybe you’re just moving away and want to hold onto a valuable asset until you can realize your investment.

Whatever your situation is, if you’re reading this it’s because you Need to Maximize Your Return on your Investment.

But if you’re like most Tampa home owners, you’re also concerned about who you can Trust to manage your Tampa Home Safely, Securely, and Honestly.

And frankly when it’s your investment, your assets, and your financial future, no one needs to tell you it matters.

The first thing you should do is compare companies. I know it sounds strange for me to tell you to look around at our competition, but it only makes sense.

We also know that once you’ve seen our competition and compared them to us, you’re 100% Sure to Pick Bahia Property Management.

“So what should I look for in a Tampa Property Management Company?”

Good question. Let’s talk about what You Don’t Want first.

Common Things to Avoid

  • Make sure the company exists – This may seem like self evident advice, but in the current economic environment all sorts of scams exist and unfortunately Tampa is no exception. Quite recently a local company was shut down because it collected the rents and kept them, telling the owners that their property hadn’t been rented or the tenants stopped paying. Take the trouble to visit the company and make absolutely sure you’re dealing with a Reputable, Honest Tampa Property Management Company.
  • Make sure the company has a reputation for paying fast – A lot of companies hang onto your money for far too long – sometimes delaying your payment by up to a full month. Sure there are all sorts of excuses – “accounting issues,” “servicing delays,” and even “to make sure the funds are there” – but there are no good excuses. You should have your money instantly – the second it is cleared. It’s Your Money, after all.
  • Avoid Companies that own their own properties – Many Tampa property management companies own their own properties, and we can hardly blame them, since prices will never be better than they are now. But that’s not really the point, is it? Do you really want to turn your property over to a company that has to choose between renting their own properties or renting yours? Whose property do you think is going to be rented first? Whose properties do you think the best and most secure renters are going to be put in? Yours or theirs?
  • Avoid Home-based Companies – One of the most common complaints we hear is from Tampa landlords who can never get hold of their rental management companies. Sometimes it literally takes weeks just to get a return phone call, just so you can start to deal with the problem you wanted to talk about. You can imagine all the other problems you’ll run into with dealing with a small mom and pop management company too…we could pass on hundreds of stories from clients who have switched to us because of them.
  • Avoid Property Managers who insist on their own repair companies – Some companies try to turn their own portfolios into a positive, claiming that they use the same “experienced” repair companies they use on their own properties to do “needed repairs” on your property. But what if the property management company has a kickback deal with the repair company? Shouldn’t you have alternatives presented to you? Shouldn’t YOU have the final say?
  • Don’t fall for a “deal” – If you pay for a lemon, you’ll get a lemon. Just because a company claims to give you a “deal” doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal. Here’s an example: we ask for 100% or more of the first month’s rent, and that’s a reasonable fee for First Class service. But let’s say a company offers “50% of the first month’s rent” – it sure sounds like a deal, but is it? Read the fine print and it won’t take you long to realize there are a million ways you’ll end up paying even more than 200%. We’ve heard them all – advertising costs, “repair” costs, even dead pet removal (as if you’ve forgotten to take your pets with you, or failed to notice a giant animal entrance in the wall).

Things to Look For

You don’t need to listen to a lot of detail here, because the answer is really pretty short and simple. Look for a Tampa Property Manager that treats you like a client and not a number. Look for a company that doesn’t make loud, boastful promises it can’t possibly keep. Look for a company that ONLY deals with property management and has no other axes to grind. Look for a company run by someone you can relate to.

Most of all, look for an Honest company that promises to work hard for Your Interests. Look for a Property Management company you can feel Comfortable with.

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“So what does Bahia Property Management do Better Than Everyone Else?”

Honesty Service Efficiency

You may already have heard this from one or more of our clients, but Bahia Property Management is the Go To company for folks who have been burned by other unscrupulous companies. Chances are if you’re reading this that describes you, but even if you’re a new landlord, you owe it to yourself to look at us. We’ve earned a Rock Solid Reputation in the industry for Scrupulous Honesty, Exceptional Service, and High Efficiency. Sooner or later you’ll come to us, and once you do, you’ll rest easy once again.

Income Protection – We make sure You Get the Right Tenant Fast

Our business model is slanted in your favor. Because we don’t have our own properties, our sole focus in on renting Your property. We use an aggressive advertising strategy to find and funnel prospective tenants to your Tampa property. We’ll bend over backwards to find you a tenant within two weeks, and if we haven’t found one by then we’ll comb through our prospects’ feedback, examine the property itself, and look for any possible reason it hasn’t rented.

Then we’ll report our findings to you and recommend adjustments. As always, you’ll have the final say in what we ultimately do.

Having said that, we won’t just find a tenant for your house, we’ll find you the Right Tenant. Most Tampa Property Management Companies do credit checks, but we go beyond that with one of the most stringent background investigations in the industry.

  • Felony criminal search
  • Credit check
  • Rental history/evictions check
  • Cross reference between applications and credit reports
  • Social Security number verification
  • Employment verification

All of this adds up to One of The Lowest Eviction Rates in the Business.


Fast, Efficient Accounting – You’ll Get All Your Money Immediately

We’re well known for our scrupulous, careful accounting. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons we’re rapidly becoming the number one property management company in Tampa.

You will never run into the usual hemming and hawing, and delays because “the boss is out of town.”

The minute your tenant’s check clears our account, we’ll Fire your Money off to You…often the Very Same Day.

Property Protection – We make Sure your Property stays in Excellent Condition

We won’t just rent your house and forget it. We’ll respond immediately if your tenants alert us to problems.

  • We’ll make sure your tenants understand their maintenance responsibilities and we’ll make sure they keep their side of the bargain..
  • If your property needs repairs we’ll move fast to make sure they’re done immediately before they can cause any further problems.

Fair Rates – We charge Competitive Rates in exchange for Superlative Service

  • No advertising fees.
  • No kickbacks or finder’s fees for vendors. Sure, we’ll let you know who we think is reputable, but the final decision is yours unless you want us to go ahead and contract a repair company for you.

Fast Efficient Service – We’re always there for you

As part of our Tampa Property Management Services, you’ll have a dedicated Property Manager assigned to you, so you won’t have to get bumped from extension to extension in search of someone who knows something.

Pick up the phone during business hours, punch in our number, and you’ll talk to our Tampa office immediately. If the person you’re looking for isn’t in, you’ll hear back from he or she within 24 hours at the outside, and most likely that same day.

Oh, and the boss is always in.

If you’re still reading this it’s because the two most important things to you right now are your property and your peace of mind. Put your Tampa property in safe, capable, honest hands, and your peace of mind is already taken care of.


Try Us Risk Free – With Our 120 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you’ll love the quality of our Property Management services, that we’re offering you a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee:

If, during the first 120 Days of your property management contract, you’re not satisfied with our services for any reason, we’ll terminate your management contract with no penalty, and will refund your management fees**.

*Provided the tenant pays on the due date, our speedy direct deposit procedure ensures that you get your rent deposited in your bank account as soon as the check clears the bank (typically it takes 3-4 business days for a check to clear, after which point we begin the direct deposit transfer to your account).

**The guarantee pertains to the management fees only, and will not include incidental cleaning & repair expenses (if applicable), nor the leasing fee that were incurred during the first 120 days.

Bahia Property Management

Your Property.
Your Investment.
Your peace of mind.

What others say about us

Thank You to everyone at Bahia Property Management everyone have made this an excellent experience.This past year was the first time i use property management company and the unit was rented very quick , payments flow smoothly and if you have any question or concern they are a phone call or email away.

Jaime Martinez
Property Owner

Bahia has been an outstanding management company for my 12-unit apartment building and single family home rentals in Tampa, FL. Bahia’s staff are honest, competent, and reliable. They returned my 12-unit apartment building to profitability–an outstanding feat. Moreover they did it and continue to do it with only as much participation on my part as I want. Basically, I do nothing except monitor the cash flow and approve expenditures when they are above a limit that I set. Everything I need is accessible from their clean, easy-to-use web site–monthly statements, invoices for repairs and renovations, etc. They notify me promptly by email or phone, any time that it is necessary to do so, and I can contact them and expect a quick response. Early on when I was interviewing other management companies in the Tampa Bay region, a competitor of Bahia’s asked me, “If you can hire Bahia, why would you want to look at any other company?”

Molly Sechrest

Try Us RISK FREE – with our 120 Day Money Back Guarantee