2022 Florida Real Estate Outlook – Download the Free Report

Stay up to date with important trends that affect the Florida real estate market in 2022

2021 saw a dramatic increase in the value of Florida real estate.  The median sale price of a Single Family Home increased 18% annually, and Condo/Townhome price increased by 16%.

The consistently high demand coupled with historically-low inventory level contributed to rapid price gain.  At the same time, many homebuyers found it challenging to buy a home due to high competition.

For a real estate investor, this market holds both an opportunity and a challenge.  The opportunity is to buy in an area that is experiencing strong population growth and price gain, a trend that is expected continue for some time.  The challenge is being able to actually find a property within a competitive environment crowded with buyers.

What will 2022 hold for Florida real estate market?  Download our free report to find the fundamental factors that you should be aware of when investing in Florida real estate.

    2022 Florida Real Estate Outlook: Download The Whitepaper